Booty Farm:General disclaimer

From Booty Farm
  1. Good Judgement – Respecting other players and not being discriminatory will be highly appreciated by moderators and by other members. Please inform a moderator as soon as possible if you feel your opinions/views/beliefs and feelings have not be respected appropriately by other members.
  2. Don’t Be That Guy – If you find yourself being in the situation of posting any real life and/or underage porn (this includes Loli) or any sensitive and discriminating materials, please think twice. This is hardly the place to do so.
  3. Virus Free Area – Please keep in mind that cyber security is really important to us and we wish for all our community to stay away from malware of any kind or fraudulent links.
  4. Be A Sport – If you, by any chance, find a way to cheat or hack this game, be a sport and inform a member of the Staff by writting a support ticket or dm them on discord. We’d like the game to be competitive and give everyone a fair and equal chance at making progress.
  5. Spam – No one likes to be spammed therefore we kindly ask you to think twice before doing that, it might ruin the chat experience for other.
  6. Check The Topic – What we wish to see happening is keeping the comments as on topic as they can be and the conversations to their specific page.
  7. Diversity – We all like each other and we all respect everyone. That’s been settled. Even though we have the utmost respect for every foreign language speaker, by using English we can understand everybody here and become friends.
  8. New Members – Help new folks “learn the ropes” about how to find information and resources, save time by learning quickly and get them more involved in the game. Trolling is not acceptable.
  9. Rules Are For Everyone – Bans are not given without warning or reason. If you are banned and would like to have lifted send a private message to one of the admins.
  10. Spoilers – Please know that spoiling it for others by posting unlockable scenes is not accepted. To end this, please make sure that you have as much fun as possible playing the game.