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About the game[edit | edit source]

You are a playboy who just inherited his uncle’s farm. The farm is old and rusty and your first thought is to sell it and go back to your urban dating games. But then you meet Mindy, the sexy farm girl and your new assistant. Mindy tells you that there is a shortage of men in the village and that the girls are very lonely, and they need some ''pleasure and persuasion'' for you to accept to stay. This can be a great opportunity to earn some cash and meet new interesting girls. It’s time to fuck some girls and get your hands dirty, farm boy!

On Booty Farm, things get XXX very fast. Engage in hot scenes across the farm like a boss, without even looking up dating advice.

Past Events[edit | edit source]

2019-9-12[edit | edit source]

  • Nerd Girl Event

2019-2-1[edit | edit source]

  • General maintenance (preparation for the train station and social marketplace)
  • General bugfixing (Thank you everyone for spending time and helping us make this game better.)
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