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I just downloaded the game via nutaku trying to connect to my account on steam ( I already had the game installed on my pc ) is it possible to connect the account or not?

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Q:Everything is so expensive! How do i make money?

A:Sell Bee Feed and/or Apple Juice in the market. You can max the price because the AI buys it anyway.

How do I get more gems?

A:You can buy them (obviously), get them from reward chests, cleaning your farm from rocks/trees and special decorations.

My storage is always full. Where do I get the tools?

A:Kinda same as gems: in chests, as drops while working on your farm or you can simply buy them in market.

What should I do with my gems?

A:Thats up to you. You could get additional queue slots. A lot of things can be bought with gold so it might be worth to invest them into special decorations.

What are those special decorations?

A:Most decorations are just for visual effects. Exceptions are: "Tender Sisters" ->gives 1gem every 24h

I misplaced something. Can I change the position of buildings/animals?

A:Yes. Just click and "hold" them for a moment.

How can I get a reward chest?

A:Find a new fact with a girl, complete the daily truck orders (5 orders for the daily chest), buy new land expansion or as login reward

I bought a picture slot with coins but I didn't get the picture. Is this a bug?

A:When you buy a picture slot with coins while having more than one new pictures pending it doesn't unlock the picture you selected but the first picture you got (blurred pictures are unlocked in the order you got them)

My game fails to load or [insert any other error here]. Is there a problem with the game?

A:Before asking for help/reporting a bug pls make sure everything on your end is fine. Some loading errors (especially after updates) can be solved by clearing your cache. A simple ctrl+f5 might even be enough. (browser version)